Connect with co‑workers and get things done.

Canoe is mobile messaging
designed to boost team productivity

Great teams are constantly connected and blur the boundaries between communicating, making decisions and doing work.

Canoe helps teams to do just that: it takes mobile messaging beyond communication and seamlessly integrates team coordination tools right in the conversation stream.

Canoe is all about enabling the ongoing, small interactions that make teamwork thrive: foster a constant stream of conversations, create to‑dos on the fly, provide instant feedback, and easily find what’s important.

Why Canoe?

Create and track group to‑dos

Canoe supports TEAM COORDINATION right inside the conversation flow.

  • Create a to‑do from any message
  • Assign it to anyone in the group and set a due date
  • Add comments & follow up
  • Review all to‑do's in a list
  • Order and filter to‑do’s by due date, recent activity

Collaborative highlighting

Canoe lets you READ FASTER through messages and find more EASILY what is IMPORTANT

  • Highlight what’s important with a single swipe
  • The “important only” view lets you find what’s most relevant more easily
  • Anyone in the group can highlight, so the task of curating group content is effortless!

Instant voting

Canoe helps teams take FASTER DECISIONS and STAY ALIGNED

  • Voice your opinion about any message with one click
  • Agree or disagree right in the stream of the conversation or when reviewing later on

1‑on‑1 and group conversations in your pocket

Canoe enables ONGOING INTERACTIONS that really make TEAMWORK FLOW

  • Create group chats with teams or have private 1‑on‑1 conversations
  • Your work conversation in your pocket – never miss an important message
  • Create as many conversations as you like
  • Separate your professional and private messaging
  • Invite anyone to conversations, inside or outside of your organisations

Designed for work

  • Separate social and professional more clearly
  • Have individual and group conversations
  • Your email is your ID, not your phone number
  • Rules to foster team work: no last connection, no location
  • Security first: new SSL connections and encrypted messaging

Coming soon...

We are already working on:

  • File sharing, previewing, commenting: images, PDFs, PPTs
  • Dropbox syncronization the Canoe way
  • Web version to use Canoe while you are at the computer

About us
Core team
Joan Fernández Bessa
Lars Stalling
Luis Rovirosa
Jordi Anguela

David García
Héctor Marqués
Jose Hernández
Marc Solé

Nacho Sánchez
Rafael Rodríguez
Cristóbal Castilla
Oriol Guiu


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